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Your Partner in Plastic Processing

Welcome to our Homepage!

On the next pages we proudly present You our Organization, Services and Products, for more information's kindly contact us anytime!


Our Philosophy

For the needs of our customers, we search for the excellence in innovation, liability and solution  to optimize the products for our customers purposes


Our Organization

We are a global organization with executive head office in Germany and local offices or representatives worldwide

Our production facilities are decentralized to optimize the contact and services to our customers,  mainly taking advantage from local production capacities, availability of rough materials and human recourses true our own factories or true joint partners

We have achieved a big success and a strong growing organization  since our group was founded beginning 1990 true our President & CHO Mr. Hans R. Paarvio

Contact informations

our Head office is available under enclosed numbers, further regional offices and representatives you find under services

P.O.Box 1463, D-79374 Muellheim Germany
General Information: sales@paarvio.de
Sales: sales@paarvio.de
Service: sales@paarvio.de
Webmaster: webmaster@paarvio.de


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