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How You can find us:

Our German Head Office and Factory including Logistic Center:

E-mail: sales@paarvio.com

Internet: http://www.paarvio.com


German Head Office:                                                                            US Office:

H.R.PAARVIO Handel & Holding                    PAARVIO USA
PO. Box 1463, D-79374 Muellheim                              225 Peachtree Street, NE                           
Renkenrunns Str.8a                                                     Suite 506 
D-79379 Muellheim                                                      Atlanta, GA 30303-1761
G E R M A N Y                                              U S A
Phone: +49-7631-70169-0                             Phone: +1-404-586-6825

Fax: +49-7631-70169-99                               Fax: +1-404-586-6820

-kindly contact us for information's about further local Agents and contact offices!


Local Agencies Wanted


below a short selection of our Services:

(our delivery program you find under 'Products')

Design from Screws and Barrels

We design according to customer request ...

Proposal for design and solutions

We propose Parts, Machines and Lines ...

        We optimize customer processes ...    

Selection of Parts and Components

We look for the optimized solution for our customers needs...

Lines and Production Methods

We search for the right solution for our customers process...

World of Products, Systems and Services

We serve our customers in all their needs ...

        All Products, Services and Assistance You need ...

        Confidentiality and with Trust is our highest Law ...



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